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Motion makes fitness progress fun. Level up by hitting your personalised weekly activity and fitness goals.

Motion is currently in closed beta, but you can join the waitlist for access.

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Hit your weekly goals to level up

We sync and then analyse your fitness data to set smart weekly fitness goals. Hit your targets and you’ll start levelling up your avatar!

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Link with fitness apps + wearables

By connecting directly to your smartwatch or through your health app, we can synchronise your data automatically and instantly.

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Dynamic weekly fitness goals

Motion analyses your average activity levels from your fitness data and translates them into a simple score we call activity points.

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Icon of a target

Hit goals. Earn shakes. Level up.

When you hit your goals, you earn shakes, which level up your avatar. Keep your avatar fit and healthy by doing the same!

People get fitter with Motion

Join the thousands of people who are getting fitter with the app.

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Motion is in early access, so there is limited space for users to test the app. Secure your place now.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Can I connect my Samsung watch?

      Samsung and Google have introduced their 'Health Connect' platform that lets many apps and trackers share data. It's still in beta but we are actively working to integrate it. In the meantime, many of our users have success connecting their galaxy watches to Google Fit, and then connecting Google Fit to motion.

    • How do I meet new people on the app?

      We're building a large and inclusive community for Motion fans. Please join us on our Facebook page. It's a great place to meet likeminded people, and you'll be the first to know the latest Motion news.

    • How are activity points calculated?

      Firstly we import your activity data from any smartwatch or fitness app you use, including workouts, step count, distance travelled, and active calories. Our algorithm then combines this with your other health data to create an activity points score.

    • How do I change my weekly goal?

      Your weekly activity points goal is derived from your personal info and your historic activity data, and will adjust to you each week depending on how well you do. You can earn more points by exercising, tracking steps or workouts on your phone or smart watch.

    • How do I level up my avatar?

      You can grow your avatar by hitting your personalised weekly activity and fitness goals. By hitting these goals, you earn shakes, which can be claimed to progress to the next level. Keep your avatar fit and healthy by doing the same!